Friedrichsbau Varieté Stuttgart

From the opening of the Friedrichbau Varieté I worked as a lighting technician. After the technical installation was complete, I worked as a followspot operator, board operator and finally as a lighting designer.

lighting consoles: Strand GLX, Compulite Spark
60 dimmers, 8 moving lights...


Mr. Tobias Metzger, born at 31.03.71 in Stuttgart, is working at our house as a lighting technician since the opening of the Friedrichsbau Varieté on the 24.02.1994.

From his scope of duties we want to emphasize following priorities:

The demands and stress of this sophisticated position were allways mastered excellently by Mr. Metzger. He knows his trade sovereign and is able to adapt to new situations fast and secure. In addition, he has got a huge knowlege about sound technic and electric.

We know Mr. Metzger as a strenght, competent and cooperative colleague that has allways been friendly, polite and helpful.

Mr. Metzger work with clear and reasoned planing and reach allways optimal results. His way of thinking and acting is allways in sens of the employer.

He shows a lot of initiative to solve difficult situations and support new projects with constructive ideas.

His behaviour is allways impeccable in contact with audience, artists and superiors.

Mr. Metzger is extremly trustworthy and allways willing to take the full responsibility. He managed his responsibilities allways to our full satisfaction. His achievement deserve our credit in all senses.

Stuttgart, the 17.01.1997
Ravi Sharma
technical manager

some shows: