Mr. Tobias Metzger was working as a freelancer at the Heilbronner Kinder & Jugendtheater RADERLUTSCH from August 1995 until Februar 1996. Mr. Metzger worked in this period at the technical staff.

His activities in this period:
Accomondation of 6 theatre plays of the Radelrutsch-Theater as technician (build up, break down, operate and repair the light and sound equipement)

He creates with expert and technical knowlege the correct light-frame for six very different plays, using his light equipement.

Mr. Metzger proofed his reliability, engagement and overall view during the work as a technician for the theatre. Especially in theatre for children, the installation of lighting equipement require a high standart of security.

The theatre experienced Mr. Metzger as a helpful and collective colleague, wich humour and constancy allways was an improvement for the cast.

Mr. Metzger left the Heilbronner Kindertheater at his own will and to our regret. We wish him for his future live and work all the best and TOI TOI TOI.

Heilbronn, 10. Januar 1997
Andreas Balzer