Sometimes during my work as "technician" problems apear that have none or no satisfying solution. Either it gets to complicated or to expensive.

I want to present some of my "solutions":

xMem The xMem USB ist very simple to operate.
It has a DMX in- and output and can record 8 scenes with 512 channels.
It can expand or replace the lighting console. eg: house lights, rehearsal lighting, backstage lighting, control of smoke machines...
Manufactured by LLT-Lichtechnik

xTest To reach a fast build and strike on tour, cabels that run the same way are put together.
The thinner data cabels (DMX, Intercom...) tend to brake and need to be tested on every build befor the rig get up in the air.
My Cabel Tester works with a battery and is connected on both ends of a long cable.
If the test button is pressed, a LED indicates the cable status - fast, easy and reliable.

xCtrl The xCtrl uses a Trackball or mice (PS/2) to control single DMX channels.
X/Y (16bit) and 2 Mouse-Wheels (8bit) can be assigned to DMX channels in 8 setups.
During the show, the lighting console can select a setup for each of the two PS/2 ports.
I did use the xCtrl in more than 300 shows at "Phantom of the Opera" to use moving lights as follow spots for two actors.
I did assign X = Pan, Y = Tilt, Wheel1 = Dimmer und Wheel2 = Iris for 8 moving lights to the setups.

xShift I developed the xShift for a building installation.
There were DMX instruments with the same fixed address, but only one DMX universe.
The item shifts some DMX channels to other adresses and splits one universe into two universes.

xTrigger I needed a wireless trigger system for a comedy show.
The xTrigger puts 6 piezo triggers on one 2,4 GHz channel. The reciever creates the MIDI "Note On" events for each trigger.